Emergency Preparedness

In an emergency, the City of Plaquemine will respond through a collaborative effort with local, State and Federal law enforcement agencies, including Police & Fire Services & emergency health providers. In addition, the department is actively involved in the Federal Homeland Security Grant process and the procurement of equipment to aid us in our effort to serve the community.  One significant piece of equipment that has been attained in this way is the Law Enforcement Mutual Aid Command Center provided through grant funds by the Iberville Parish.

While local officials and relief workers will be on the scene after a disaster, they may not be able to reach everyone right away.  Therefore, it's critically important to make emergency preparedness plans before a disaster occurs. 
Essential things to do and "have on hand" before an emergency:

  • Discuss your family’s disaster communications plan. Make sure children know who to reach, how to reach them, and where to meet in an emergency. Check with your child’s school now so you can be aware of the school’s emergency preparedness plan. Make sure it has updated information on you and other designated caregivers. Arrange for one or more neighborhood meetings and share family emergency plans with each other.

  • Disaster Preparedness Kit:  Every family must have one and it should be kept up to date and stocked with enough supplies for at least 72 hours of self-sufficiency, including:
    • Food: Have enough on hand for 72 hours, preferably one week.
    • Water: Have enough so each person has a gallon a day for 72 hours, preferably one week. Store in airtight containers and replace it every six months. Store disinfectants such as iodine tablets or chlorine bleach (eight drops per gallon) to purify water if necessary.
    • First-Aid Kit: Make sure it is well-stocked, especially with bandages and disinfectants--and other items.
    • Fire Extinguisher: Your fire extinguisher should be suitable for all types of fires. Teach all family members how to use it.
    • Flashlights with Extra Batteries: Keep flashlights beside your bed and in several other locations. DO NOT use matches or candles after an earthquake until you are certain there are no gas leaks.
    • Portable Radio with Extra Batteries: If telephones and other electronic forms of communication are "out-of-order" or limited due to emergency use, the radio will be your best source of information
    • Store Extra Blankets, Clothing, Shoes and Money: You may not have access to your bank account or ATM for several days. You should also make sure you have enough blankets, clothing and shoes to keep warm if your home's heater becomes non-functional.
    • Alternative Cooking Source: Store a barbeque or camping stove for outdoor camping. CAUTION: Ensure there are no gas leaks before you use any kind of fire as a cooking source and do not use charcoal indoors.
    • Special Items: Have at least a week's supply of medications and food for infants and those with special needs. Don't forget pet food.
    • Tools: Have an adjustable or pipe wrench available for turning off gas and water.

Other Aspects of Emergency Preparedness Planning:


The Plaquemine Police Department handles all law enforcement issues within the city limits of Plaquemine.

Plaquemine Police Department Headquarters
23540 Railroad Avenue
Plaquemine, LA 70764

Emergency Service, Call: 911
Phone: (225) 687-9273